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 Party Mix - 8 oz. Retro Bag
 Party Mix - 8 oz. Retro Bag

Party Mix - 8 oz. Retro Bag

8 OZ Bag

From self-parties to spur-of-the-moment small gatherings, we’ve got the perfect party essential.

Dig into our delectable blend of our BEER NUTS® Original Peanuts, Yogurt Raisins, and M&M’s® all neatly packed into a stand-up, resealable 8 oz. bag. These grab-n-go bags are perfect for road trips, traveling bands, and for those who just never want the party to stop.

DISCLAIMER: This product contains chocolate which - depending on the weather where you live or where the product is being shipped to - is susceptible to melting during the delivery process. Please keep weather and time of year in mind when purchasing and shipping this product. We strongly recommend that you only ship this product to areas that are experiencing cold weather. We are not responsible for melted product and cannot provide additional shipping options (EX: dry ice, refrigerated trucks, etc.) to ensure the product does not melt during delivery.

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