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The Kit

The Kit

Not sure what to bring to the party? Pick up “The Kit”.
Can’t figure out the perfect gift? Give ‘em “The Kit”.
Want to introduce someone new to BEER NUTS? Show ‘em “The Kit”.

Easily picked up and cut like a case of beer, “The Kit” is universal – just like snacking – and packed with everything that’s essential to BEER NUTS. Including favorites such as our Original Peanuts and Original Bar Mix, mixes, grains, a little swag, and a couple can coolers, this box is ready for anyone and everything.

- BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix – Grab Bag (20 oz.)
- BEER NUTS Original Peanuts – Grab Bag (30 oz.)
- BEER NUTS Cantina Mix – Back Up Bag (6 oz.)
- BEER NUTS Mixed Nuts – Half-Pounder (8 oz.)
- BEER NUTS Original Insane Grain – Back-up Bag (6 oz.)
- Classic Can Cooler (Random Colors)
- Classic Logo Hat (Random Color)

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