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6-Pack Nutcase
6-Pack Nutcase

6-Pack Nutcase

We know you like to win. Bets, board games, trivia. You tower over everyone.

 Now, with the 6-Pack Nutcase, you can finally win at gift-giving.

This case has two cans of BEER NUTS® Original Peanuts, a can each of our BEER NUTS Original Bar Mix and Cantina Mix. And if that’s not enough, a can each of our BEER NUTS Almonds and Cashews too.

Easy to carry, easy to wrap. Perfect for the holidays or for birthdays. Or for just saying you’re sorry. For winning all the time.

- (2) Original Peanuts - 12 oz. Can
- Original Bar Mix - 9 oz. Can
- Cantina Mix - 9 oz. Can
- Cashews - 12 oz. Can
- Almonds - 12 oz. Can

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