The Mixes Sampler

The Mixes Sampler

No matter how much snacking your family does, one thing’s for sure: it’s hard to agree on just one option. That’s why we put together this tasty combo. 

Find your new favorite or help your family find theirs with The Mixes Sampler. It includes a sample of our entire family of snack mixes. Now, if you can only get the family to agree on which movie to watch …

- Original Bar Mix – The Big Bag (32 oz.)
- Bar Mix with Wasabi – The Big Bag (32 oz.)
- Hot Bar Mix – The Bag Bag (32 oz.)
- Cantina Mix – Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.)
- Party Mix – Standard Issue Bag (16 oz.)
- Sweet Cheezus! – Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.)

DISCLAIMER: Due to the chocolate included in this product, the weather is a big factor in shipping times. We may choose to hold the product in cases of extreme heat to ensure the product arrives in good shape. We will aim to be inside our normal processing and shipping times. If we choose to hold your product until weather allows you will be notified immediately! We are not responsible for melted product. Please purchase at your own risk and keep your current weather in mind!

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