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Barrel Bundle

Barrel Bundle

Got a BEER NUTS® fan in your life? Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate gift set: the BEER NUTS Barrel Bundle. Roll out this great gift which offers a wide variety of some of the very favorites, along with a few party favors to keep ‘em entertained while snacking.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, and for any BEER NUTS lover in your life.

- Bar Mix with Wasabi - Big Bag (32 oz.)
- Hot Bar Mix - Big Bag (32 oz.)
- Cantina Mix  - Big Bag (32 oz.)
- Original Peanuts - Standard Issue Bag (16 oz.)
- Original Bar Mix - Standard Issue Bag (11 oz.)
- 2 Can Coolers (Colors may vary)
- Stress Peanut
- Barrel Planter

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