Glazed Peanuts - Half-Pounder
Glazed Peanuts - Half-Pounder

Glazed Peanuts - Half-Pounder


We're getting naked. Our BEER NUTS Original Peanuts are stripping off their usual red skins, then jumping right into a bath of our sweet and salty goodness. So when you feel like running wild and free, these are the nuts for you.

Careful. When you break out our Glazed Peanuts, your friends will attack the bag like fans rushing a stage. Grab the Half-Pounder to keep the crowd cheering (and snacking) for the full set.

We've jam packed our bags with features including:

  • Stand up packaging for easy storage
  • Resealable top for that next snack attack
  • Window view to keep an eye on your snacks - and when you're getting low to re-order!

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