Large Party Pack

Large Party Pack


This snackable triple-threat makes the perfect party package. Prepare yourself.

After you twist open the Party Size Jars of BEER NUTS® Original Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts, and Original Bar Mix, you might as well just toss out the lids. Because with snacks this tasty, no one will be able to stop themselves. Look out: your party just went premium.

- Original Peanuts - Party Size Jar (41 oz)
- Chocolate Covered Original Peanuts - Party Size Jar (42 oz)
- Original Bar Mix - Party Size Jar (26 oz)

DISCLAIMER: Due to the chocolate included in this product, the weather is a big factor in shipping times. We may choose to hold the product in cases of extreme heat to ensure the product arrives in good shape. We will aim to be inside our normal processing and shipping times. If we choose to hold your product until weather allows you will be notified immediately! We are not responsible for melted product. Please purchase at your own risk and keep your current weather in mind!

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